Please buff Braum‘s E

If i ask you: „what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about {{champion:201}} “, what would you say?... ok, yes, Moustache would probably your first answer. But what would your second answer be?... sure, Poros too. But what would AFTER these 2 come to your mind? EXACTLY! Shield/ Shielding or his Shield! Braum‘s entire stick is that he‘s carrying a MASSIVE Shield that was forged by {{champion:516}} and that it‘s ABSOLUTELY indestructible. Yet, for some reason, his Shield looks pathetic compared to {{champion:157}} ‘s Windwall, {{champion:80}} ‘s W and even {{champion:25}} ‘s Black Shield. Which is weird, since none of their characters or even stories feature any sort of a heavy usage of their Shield abilities. I mean, {{champion:80}} ‘s Shield absorbs any kind of Damage, as long as it comes from the front. Hell, it even blocks Turret shots. {{champion:25}} ‘s Black Shield is a complete CC Counter. That Shield isn‘t only absorbing Damage, but it also nullifies ANY sort of CC. And {{champion:157}} ‘s Windwall is the King of all Shields, even thou it‘s literally made out of Wind instead of a solid object or Magic. It goes from him, to his front. That Windwall nullifies EVERYTHING, from simple ADC Auto attacks, to Ults like {{champion:81}} ‘s and {{champion:119}} ‘s, to even Hooks. And since the Shield stays in 1 place, you can go trough it and the effect works on both sides. {{champion:201}} ‘s Shield only nullifies the first attack that hits his E, but after that, the damage is only reduced by 30% - 40% max. Sure, Riot‘s main argument to that is: „the shield is mobile, {{champion:157}} ‘s Shield is only in one place“. Yeah, {{champion:201}} can move with the shield, but is still far worse than a Shield that nullifies ANY Projectile from 2 sides, which is FAR better in Teamfights. The only way to truly use his E‘s full potential, is if you W first to gain extra Armor and MR. The only „great“ moments where his E came in extremely useful, was when i had the Guardian Rune on me, jumped to my ADC with my W and then activate my E to Shield from Ults like {{champion:202}} ‘s or {{champion:21}} ‘s. But those are pretty much it and it feels REALLY wrong to have {{champion:201}} with such a minimalistic Shield. My Options would be: - makes his E block also all incoming damages after the 1st hit. Sure, it sound OP, but it‘s like with {{champion:80}} ‘s shield. It only Blocks from 1 side and CC attacks still effect {{champion:201}} like Hooks and Stuns. - Make the reduced damage bigger. 30% is his current start percentage, and 40% is his current Max. How about you increase it from 30% to 50%, and the Max amount from 40% to 70%. - Make that his E is able to also nullify CC‘s. If someone hooks, his E nullifies it. If someone throws a Stun, his E nullifies it. You get the gist. - make {{champion:201}} ‘s shield EXTRA Unique. How do i mean that? How about that Braum‘s Shield can not only block enemy attacks, but also abilities that the enemy uses to help his team. For instance, if {{champion:201}} has his E up behind an Enemy and {{champion:235}} shoots her Ult towards the enemy, {{champion:235}} ‘s ult would hit {{champion:201}} ‘s E, but not the Enemy and the Enemy would get no Shield. Or when {{champion:267}} wants to heal someone, he can block the water stream. Something in that way. Please Riot, {{champion:201}} is my absolute favorite now and his E is pathetic compared to others, which is seriously ironic. Please, i‘m not asking for much here, just give my boy {{champion:201}} that needed Buff! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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