Some1 help pls :/

So I am thatt one typical low Silver player trying to gett outt right, I realize that team mates will lose you a game some times, but they will never lose you a rank. But I truly do nott know what I am doing wrong like.. I main jungle and mid lane right, jungle mostly assassains Evelynn Shaco and Diana, maybe Nocturne sometimes (229k mastery on Shaco and still haven't gott anywhere) and Orianna and Syndra mid, some times Viktor or Ahri. I realy can't gett anywhere and it seems thatt the harder thatt I try the more I lose games. I don't flame in chatt I rarely pay any attention to itt in the firstt place. Also whenever I play jungle the enemy jungler will ALWAYS be ahead of me in levels. Here's a good example.. I was playing Evelynn 6/3/2 62cs, lvl 9. Here was enemy Udyr 1/2/5 65cs, lvl 11. Whatt the hell am I doing wrong here... some higher elo advices would be realy highly appreciated (=
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