I think, that Riot is going too far into E-Sports with their balance

Why are weaker champions getting nerfed? every patch I feel like this game requires more and more skill from me. It went from tactical game to mortal kombat where you get deleted in nanoseconds and can't even prevent it (casting shield,summoner spells). Please don't forget that this game is supposed to be fun. It's no fun when all your favorite champions get hit so hard they can't be played anymore without faker god-like flashy skillz. Let's take our "Compensated Veigar" for example. Before **NERFS** he didn't require much, he could be shut down easily by an assasins and his ult and stun countered in many ways (ex. {{item:3157}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3156}} ) Now it requires you to: - Calculate where enemy will go in 1,25 s from casting your stun - Dodge all skillshots - Farm your Q ( I'm not pro so I get like 50% less AP from it now) - Stay away from enemy - There's no chance for you to nuke enemy without game lasting 1 hour (I'm not talking about Bronze V enemies) - He is much easier to gank now Who's next? Malzahar? maybe Karthus with his toxic wall? or maybe Ziggs? his W and Q are so toxic as well.

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