I can SMELL a loss streak coming

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I recently had an insane streak, where I won 20 out of my last 22 games. After that I lost a bit more but still climbed all the way up to P1 97lp. Now, I lost 3 of my last 4 games. This is a repeating freakn pattern. Most of the time I make it to diamond before it happens, but sometimes it starts happening when im right before hitting diamond. I'm not claiming that I'm playing well but it seems that overall my team just becomes so TOXIC and flames eachother into the ground. And when I get like 2 of those real bad games in a row I get so hard tilted and start playing really bad myself. I also instantly just lose interest in trying to climb back because the whole game-vibe is just pure frustration at that point. Anyone have any tips on how to prevent or overcome a loss streak? Edit: I was right. Here we go! let's try to get at least 10 losses in a row.
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