Basketball Star Syndra (Skin Idea)

I have been thinking for a while that a skin like this would really fit Syndra so i made some ideas on what the things would look like on this skin if it were a real skin. (Costs 1820/Legendary Skin) Appearance: Has black shorts and t-shirt with stripes on them. The two spikes on her head instead resemble a golden trophy. Has red glowing eyes. And instead of the circles in front of her ears, she has headphones connected to an iPod in her t-shirt. Her three orbs around her now look like basketballs. When she runs, the basketballs spin in a circle around her while she dribbles the orbs in order. Q: Summons a basketball that explodes in a fiery ring when it pops up. W: Throws a basketball onto the target location marked with a basketball hoop. Has a red-ish trail when it flies through the air. E: Sends a cone of fire forward. If it hits a basketball, that basketball rolls forward quickly. R: Sends all of the basketballs active in a blazing trail above the chosen enemies head where a basketball hoop is summoned upon the target before all basketballs falling down on the target. Extra Animations: When Syndra gets a movement speed buff she swims through the air quickly while dribbling the basketballs around her in quick succesion. Taunt (Summons a basketball hoop where she dunks the three balls around her in the hoop): "Imagine these were your heads....Dunk! Dunk! Dunk!" Joke (Summons a basketball hoop with spikes on the side where she attempts to dunk the three balls around her in the hoop but she misses every single one): "Imagine these were your heads....Dunk! Dunk! Dunk! Damn...i miss everytime!"

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