Why am i happy to see Yasuo getting nerfed

Believe it or not - it is not about damage. It is even only partially, about his kit. It is mostly, my personal hate and spite towards mindset of Yasuo players. Call it weird, or call it stupid - it is exactly how i feel. Teemo players are hated because of the trend, Vayne and Riven's at low tier are wannabe players, at high - true carries. Zed...even though he is opressive - he is kinda always predictable. But this champion...and the shit he brings out of people, i really still cannot understand it. The constant need for moves, for plays, for spotlight and single action (in team game) - is literaly sick to me. Never have i seen any player BM and bitch more..then a Yasuo player. For games i played - it is a honest statement. You can literaly even reason better with Vayne players now. It is like he was made for 15 year olds who got bored with buying worthless gun skins in CS:go, literaly. You can take a full badass samurai, with little bit of everything. You want mobility ? Np, endless dashes. What lane you want to play ? No problem, you can take all of them. You can possibly dive too hard ?We got you covered, you have sheild. Lets not forget amazing damage. Because fuck team - it is all about you, and only you. You make the sweet sweet LCS moves, those scrubs are only in your way. THIS is how every yasuo feels. On opossing or mine team. No matter how good or bad is he- they are constantly fucking full of themselves. I had ONE...one in about 20 Yasuo players, that number 1 - went mid, number 2 - didn't insult or BM literaly anyone, number 3- actually politely asked in select to provide him some setup. Ofc i had no issues picking something like Malphite jung. This guy seems firmly on the ground, ill help him. But those examples are so god damn rare... So to conclude it - my appologies for some quality exceptions, i am happy for following nerfs, just to see people shut up and feel bad about it. Even if they nerf almost nothing. Never felt that resentment towards any champion-player mindset, like towards Yasuo. Saddest thing is - the kit made people, be actually bigger problem then kit itself.
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