Riot Logic.

Hello...angry rant inc AS you probably know riot has tendency to nerf champions ONLY if it been seen often in professional gaming...I find to be quite frustrating honestly. Like azir one of most favorite mid laners of all the time, has been nerfed to the ground. He does actually has the lowest win rate in the game. 40% win rate. Yup. Nobody is playing this garbage champion anymore, only in Lcs. And riot is probably is thinking hmm....! He seems even more op now, let's nerf him more! Cuz he is being played in lcs! But, nope! Instead of looking into broken champ Annie who can literally one shot entire team (just an example). They rather nerf unnecessary champions. Let me quess he will be remained untouched until next year or so...just left in the dust. Like Syndra...after a year they actually started make some changes. I just hate when riot coming up with bullshit excuses to nerf a unnecessary champion, and just ruin someone's favorite champ, just don't give any shits about their fans. Apologizing for my English.
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