Riot: "Lux's Ultimate Cooldown will be buffed so we can afford a walk-in Sauna in our office"

I'm sorry Riot but I can accept and see the logic behind some of your decisions but not THIS one. Why the hell did Lux need a buff last patch. Don't pretend it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with trying to sell her Elementalist Lux skin because sales figures were probably not that much considering how stupidly expensive the skin was in the first place. *Sarcasm That whole paragraph of NONSENSE in the Patch Notes was NOT the real reason at all and now you've gone into the rather disgusting realm of making balanced choices based on sales figures. A little favoritism I could live with, such as the mythical Lee Sin BUT this is completely unacceptable and will be the main reasons that I am disgusted with you. You are so eager to lie to your playerbase. But if you are going to lie, AT LEAST MAKE IT BELIEVABLE. Nobody, and I mean, nobody, Bronze to Platinum to Pro would say that Lux had trouble with her ultimates cooldown. That is a flat out LIE! It has a 30 Second recharge time at max rank, just on its OWN without the ridiculous new idea to buff it. It was such a glaring lie that you might as well said this on the patch notes; _"Unfortunately, we at Riot did not get the money from the legendary Elementalist Lux skin that we were hoping for so were unable to afford a new office water cooler or walk in sauna. Therefore we are giving Lux a rather rediculous buff to boost her popularity so we can make more money from that skin. (Which is the most expensive skin in the game alone). We will then nerf her when enough people have bought this skin so we can afford our walk-in executive sauna with cocktail maker and jacuzzi. Thank You"_ Your lies and get so much more transparent, you are not even trying to cover up your obvious profit motives anymore or pretending you care about gameplay. TLDR: **Riot are finding new and improved ways to be devious and manipulate the playerbase, since the playerbase is beginning to catch onto them about the sacrificing of game balance for profit motive and the queue times during the night just prove that players are leaving League.** [flash=][/flash]
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