Suggest me a champion

Hey guys, i need help choosing a champion to main. Lane doesn't matter. What i want from the champ is to have as least counters as possible, generally most/all games being a skill matchups and not "lol, they got Garen, free lane!" or "Oh fk, Akali, i'm dead!" (these are just examples mind you, not saying he/she has to be a toplaner). Three things that i would like: a) not being 0 defense b) some cc in there (to interrupt critical enemy attacks) c) not being a too popular pick (i want to OTP it, not constatly watch it banned or picked) d) having damage to make solo kills and not being dead meat in face of a duel e) not being too simple - if i'm to OTP it i want to have fun with it, not get bored to death. Any suggestions?
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