I think there should be an option for a remake after some minutes of a player being disconnected

As the title suggests I think there should be an option for this, because it's unfair if the AFK is in your team and it's times easier for your enemies to win the game. If a remake is voted positive if your team has AFK, you would not suffer LP loss or even a demotion, because of some guy that had a blackout. And furthermore, for your enemies, that's free LP right there. This is a team-based competitive game. Especially in high elo winning a 4v5 is almost impossible. Even if that was your jungler who forgot his smite. Don't get me wrong, but I prefer a noob, rather than an AFK. I got myself to suggest this, because long story short I got demoted for this exact reason. It's unfair in so many ways. I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed. A game that has this huge player base, I don't think I'm alone with this problem. And that's one more step in making the game more competitive friendly and not ruining your spirit. So, what do you guys think? Suggest similar changes for this problem.
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