I just wanna say something about people hating yasuo :/

People playing other champs, and ¨hate¨ {{champion:157}} actually are scared/afraid to play against him! As a {{champion:157}} main, through my experience i saw people talking trash about (cancer,noob champ, trashcan... etc) {{champion:157}} but actually they are playing a champ that does not require skill! There is actually some {{champion:157}} players that aint that good at playing him! Btw i am Silver 3 but im playing {{champion:157}} like a higher elo player, even if i play on normal! Just think about it! Try to play {{champion:157}} even once, (if u never played him before) and u will see that u will have bad mechanics and u will myb get flamed and wont feel good! So dont do stuf u dont like someone doing it to you! <3
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