Please give Champions that still talk to the summoner a Voice update.

To the people not even knowing what I mean, a quick explaination: In the old Lore, everything that happened in SR was techincally canon. Beings called "summoneres" took control of the many champions that were drafted into the Institute of War, which basically was a organisation that created these battles to stop any kind of real war in Runterra. The summoner basically was the player, taking control of their champion and fighting with them. Well since the complete old lore was retconned, summoners are not a thing anymore and everything happening in SR is basically not canon. Champions now behave way more realisticly like themselves, sticking to their stories and most imporantly, they don't break the 4th wall. You can mostly see this in the newer champion releases. BUT there still are a lot of champions that directly talk to the summoner in their quotes and I hope I am not the only one bothered by that. The champions where I was able to find quotes where they talked to their summoner are: {{champion:103}} She has no quotes where she is naming the word "summoner", but most of her quotes seem to be directed at someone who is not the enemy. Also, her voicelines just don't fit her lore at all.... {{champion:32}} Just like Ahri, he has no lines directly referencing the summoner, but in his quotes "Where are we going?" and "Lets find some friends" he seems to be talking to someone that is with him... Also... he as so few quotes... just give him a visual/audio update {{champion:1}} Just like the last two, no reference of the summoner directly. But she is surely talking to somone in her movement quotes. "Try to keep up!" "Are we there yet?" "Don't be a scaredy cat!" "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?" {{champion:63}} "You can't contain me, summoner." {{champion:31}} "Summoner, your darkness beckons." {{champion:42}} "I'm on it, blackshoe!" Not directly saying summoner as well, but implying that he is listening to someone giving him orders. And he also really needs a visual/audio update... {{champion:9}} "Yes, my master." "I feel your fear... " Once again no direct mentioning of a summoner. But for sure talking to someone. But fiddle will get a rework soon, so this will most likely change anyway. {{champion:104}} "What are you playin' at?" "Easy, partner." No summoner mentioned, but talking to someone like he is working together with them. {{champion:40}} "By your command." "As you wish." Once again no summoner, but talking to someone controlling her {{champion:24}} "Let me at 'em!" Talking to the summoner... also really really boring and old quotes overall. {{champion:222}} Well... she has a lot of quotes where she is tallking to someone... but that most likely is just part of her being crazy. {{champion:38}} "As you wish." No summoner, but following the orders from someone... also once again way to few quotes. {{champion:7}} "Patience, summoner." As well as many other quotes seemingly aimed towards the player {{champion:54}} No mentioning of a summoner. But most of his movement quotes are basically him just agreeing to what he has been ordered to do. {{champion:21}} "Sure you can handle me, summoner?" {{champion:76}} "You cannot cage me, summoner." {{champion:56}} "Do I scare you, summoner?" Along with alot of other quotes breaking the 4th wall. {{champion:2}} (BROLAF SKIN) "Yo, summoner, summon me like two... no, six hot chicks, stat!" {{champion:61}} No mentioning of a summoner or talking to someone... just here to say that her quotes don't fit her lore. {{champion:33}} A little fun fact: In many other languages Rammus is talking a lot more. But he mentiones no summoner {{champion:68}} "You don't have to tell me twice." "Alright... I'm going." No summoner mentioning, but a bit of talking to the player. {{champion:27}} "I hear you." Once again no summoner, but responding to orders. Also please give this dude more than 9 lines please. {{champion:72}} "We think alike, summoner." {{champion:37}} "Adagio, summoner." {{champion:23}} "As you wish." No summoner. But obviously following the players orders. {{champion:77}} "Do not deny your instincts, summoner." {{champion:45}} "Your commands tire me." Once again no summoner mentioned, but obviously talking to someone commanding him. Also... he desperately needs a visual/audio update... i feel a pattern with Yordles here.... {{champion:62}} "You got it!" "Show me the path." Also no direct summoner naming. But some accepting of orders. {{champion:26}} Basically all of his quotes are him talking to the summoner. This guy DESPERATELY needs a visual/audio update! Well this basically I could find and thought was worth mentioning. I think stuff like that should not be in the game anymore... especially since the current lore is so fleshed out. If you agree with me, feel free to raise your voice for such updates! If I missed anything or got something wrong, feel free to correct me and thank you for reading.
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