I am incredibly disapointed by the new Mordekaiser

Before everyone starts hating on me just hear me out, I have been a Mordekaiser main since season 2 so i was hoping that they would keep something from the old morde but they didnt. First off, i will start with a positive and say i love his new design he looks excellent but his Kit/Gameplay is massively disappointing how could they possibly think any morde main would be happy with this change its not what we played for all these years its a completely new champion. The fact at the end of the video they honestly believe they kept the core of what "morde is" is ridiculous they clearly have never talked to a single morde main or played morde themselves properly as this is not even close to what old morde was. Because of this Removal i will be quitting League permanently, this change is so heartbreaking for me personally to see my main for 6 years to be changed to drastically has upset me to the point where i honestly dont want to play anymore if this is the future of League.
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