Maybe it is time to rework Runes?

Yes, you ‘ve read it well. After a lot of entire years, I would like you guys to consider going for a hard rework on the current Runes’ system. Let us first explain WHY this should be done: 1) The majority of Secondary Runes, for all spots, are pretty much useless. 2) There is a lot of outdated Runes, even primary ones, that are useless as well. 3) It all comes to the point when everybody picks the same all-time-classic Runes, for all of their slots, like 9 x Magic Penetration, 9 x Armor Penetration etc. 4) There is rarely any need to split the slots invented on each feature, like 6 x Attack Damage + 3 x Armor Penetration, for example. Trust me, it could be very simple to complete this rework, giving the players a brand new wide room to explore and experiment. The main steps would be like: 1) Remove the Secondary Runes 2) Change the available slots from 9 to 15 for Marks, Seals and Glyphs, from 3 to 5 for Quintessences (but one cannot use the same Rune at more than 9 slots, or 3 for Quints). 3) Reduce every remaining rune’s power to 60% of its current one. 4) Add new primary runes with fancy features. 5) Especially for Quintessences, maintain only the Utility ones and remove all the rest. So, where are we heading this way? Answer: to a world where you cannot just use a “9-9-9-3” system. You have to carefully choose your main 9 runes, then add-up some other ones that compliment your strategy at the remaining 6 slots. To a world where each rune serves its primary purpose: Marks grant Attack, Seals grant Defense, Glyphs grant Magic and Quintessences grant Utility. To a world where no rune is useless. To a world where your opponent’s runes or yours are not as totally predictable as a Barcelona – Real Campesino matchup’s outcome. What just remains now is to get into details about what runes should be maintained. I am not going to get into numbers, though, I will leave this part to you guys instead. I am using italics for the new entrances. There we go: MARKS - +X Attack Damage - +X Scaling Attack Damage - +X% Attack Speed - +X% Critical Chance - +X% Critical Damage - +X Lethality - +X Armor Penetration - +X Magic Penetration - +X Precision - +X Scaling Magic Penetration - +X% increased damage - +X% damage on turrets - +X% damage on monsters - +X% damage on minions - +X% Lifesteal - Your 3rd spell on the same champion reduces his Magic Resist by +X% for 3 seconds. - +X Movement Speed against enemy champions below 30% Health - Basic attacks deal +X true damage against enemy champions below 30% health SEALS - +X Armor - +X Scaling Armor - +X Health - +X Scaling Health - +X% Health - +X Magic Resist - +X Scaling Magic Resist - +X Health Regeneration - +X Scaling Health Regeneration - +X Tenacity - Block +X damage from basic attacks - X% reduced magic damage - X% reduced physical damage - Reduce by X% the Attack Speed of enemy champions that basic attack you. - +X% increased healing and shielding power on you. GLYPHS - +X Mana - +X Scaling Mana - +X Mana Regeneration - +X Scaling Mana Regeneration - +X Cooldown Reduction - +X Scaling Cooldown Reduction - +X Ability Power - +X Scaling Ability Power - +X Energy - +X Scaling Energy - +X Energy Regeneration - +X Scaling Energy Regeneration - +X% Spell Vamp - Hitting an enemy with hard CC reduces your abilities’ cooldowns by X seconds. - +X Magic Damage on-hit - Critical strikes reduce the cooldowns of your abilities by +X seconds. - Your damage over time is increased by +X% QUINTESSENCES - +X% Movement Speed - +X Gold per second - +X% Experience - +X% Reduced Time Spent Dead - +X Basic attack Range - +X Spell Cast Range - X% increased gold from kills - X% reduced cooldown for activated items - Restore X mana per spell cast. - X% reduced cooldown for summoner spells - X% increased buff duration - X% increased ward vision range - X% healing and shielding power on allies
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