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I know youv'e heard this alot, like, way too much but **why** did Riot remove Graves cigar, that's all I want to know. > TL;DR * Smoking laws in certain regions prevent smoking in video games rated 13+ or lower. * Unlike the skeletons (Karthus) changes, Riot wanted to be consistent through all the regions rather than change Graves model and splash only for said region. * Gragas Esquire can smoke because it is paid content and therefore not "mandatory" to anyone playing the game, therefore his smoking can be "avoided" * Smoking in the Cinematic is allowed because it isn't interactive, and as such doesn't force anyone to play a smoking character > They could make a Graves skin with a cigar though. And no "It promotes smoking which is bad" is not a suitable answer {{champion:40}} is half naked and will - Leave you breathless for only 2.95 a minute {{champion:79}} is a drunk {{champion:36}} is a drug addict {{champion:76}} uses her spear to pole dance and - did she mention it's mating season? {{champion:23}} jacks off way too much So you can't remove smoking because it's bad, and not also remove refrences like this. It's not ACTUALLY important that Graves have a cigar, but it's a core characteristic and it's important to his image. It makes him a badass, shotgun wielding, rugged, laugh in the face of danger kind of man that he should be. I'm sure some of you Rioters are geeks, so I hope you will understand this. Removing his cigar is like making Han Solo shoot second, your'e basically removing what makes Graves, Graves! Sure he's still badass, but remember that video? "A new Dawn", where Katarina lands behind him and he smiles at her before blasting her brains. Now imagine that without the cigar.

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