So this is kinda about matchmaking in normals..

So i know matchmaking isn't perfect, and i know there are alvredy alot of complaints out there about it, but i said kinda because it's not exactly about that, it's about me starting to think im bad at this game because im constantly playing againts Gold-Diamond players, and sometimes there are plats, i got back into LoL like 4-5 days ago after year and a half break, and i did quite well in most of the matches at first, but i noticed i only played againts Gold players then ( No offense ofcourse), now after playing these past few days as i said i started getting matched up again againts Diamond players, and i say again because i had that before, sure there are diamond players in my team also, but i can't help but feel bad when i lose my lane, im trying my best not to "Overfeed" after they pick up first kill on me i try my best to hug that tower, and from there mostly die by 2 of them diving me, but i still start thinking then just how f***ing bad i am for losing like this, i don't care if my team calls me Bronze because i know i deserve it considering i never played ranked so im lower than that..., and i never check before game what divisions they are, i admit i did that before and immediately started thinking ( Sh*t this guy is diamond im fke*ed, or i just had to get diamond opponent in my lane), and that did not help at all, now after i stopped doing that i can hold my lane againts some of them but that was way long ago, and i also noticed that no matter how many games i play now im just not improving anymore... maybe i should start playing new champs, maybe i need to start watching streams and stuff like that, but i feel like im stuck and that i can't improve anymore, and these diamond players that are even being quite a$$holes about it when they win againts me in lane aren't helping, and i remember the reason i stopped playing LoL year ago because this same reason... i kept getting wrecked by diamond players and just said to myself im bad at this game i quit... so i guess im just looking for some advice.. on pretty much anything because as i said.. im freakin stuck..
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