Balance issues

So, I quit this game and returned to find it is even worse, I can't play any of my old champions. I.e Kayle, Amummu. There is just no playability until after 20 minutes Vs these types of champions. Sure i can pick a 'meta' pick but that should not be the case i should be allowed to play any champion that either fits my team comp or suits my playstyle not be forced into a 'meta pick' Anyone been up against someone who can one combo you from level 3 i.e Renekton, Rengar… or someone with insane damage, cc resists and sustain. (Garen) There probably will be no change and it seems this game will just get worse, certain champions can barely farm because they are at such a disadvantage, this is unfair and i believe every champion should be accessable in league not just 'meta' picks because having only one small 'meta' of 10 - 20 champions out of 100+ shows the inbalance especially when compared to other moba games. Riot need to do something What are your thoughts on this do you agree, disagree or do you have another opinion? Do you think the game has improved, when you compare it to other games like Dota do you think its better or worse?

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