When your (random) teammate in YoloQ wants to play Trashsuo

You better dodge if you can. If its your promo GL you gonna need it. This is what happens. **You don't ban him?** A) enemy firstpick him and recks your midlaner (or possibly toplaner) hard and later solocarry the whole game B) your mid/top pick Yasuo but (get countered) and loses lane hard later dives alone 1vs5 or get caught and you lose **You ban him?** A) your mid/top will troll/int because you banned his intented pick B) even if he doesn't troll (I always say I didn't notice which reduce chance of trolling) you find out he is awful on diff champion and climbed purely as OTP trashuo because of the op champ loses lane and is useless Obviously sometimes you can get the type of Yasuo who will solocarry the game. But for that you need a really good star constellation.
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