Tips for Top-lane

i've been playing this game or a while, i'm silver garbage mostly cause of my PC (in late game i have like 7 FPS and during teamfights i cant even tell whts going on) but i'm having trouble during early game laning phase. i played a lot of renekton and swain top, never had problems but now i'm having fun with shyvana and master yi top cause they are brainless split-pushers and at some point of the game im usually able to 1v1 the other top laner. problem is early game, the very start (playing shyv and yi): i have no tools for trading, i focus on CS, and i get absolutely abused since lvl 2, i find myself at lvl 3 with half hp (yi's meditate is questionable sustain cause 30 sec CD) farming under tower and thats fine, but most of the champs can attack/hit from outside the turret range untill they flash, kill me, and just walk away. then i farm under tower, having to recall every 2/3 waves cause they poke me for free, untill i get botrk, i all-in them and kill them. this happens very often. basically i ALWAYS feed and lose my lane, even if in mid-late game i'm able to catch up (usually). what should i do? calling for a gank is not viable cause here all junglers are completely brain-dead and even (if they come) when they come im 20% hp vs the other guy full hp, 1 or 2 levels above me and he just double kill us. i've played a lot of jungle and i know not to gank a losing lane, but i'm pretty competent and aware, so i gank at lvl 3 and ALWAYS get a kill top lane if the wave is not pushed in. what should i do? i'm losing way to many games cause of my horrible early game. just dont play shyv and yi or theres another way?

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