Preaseason and season 6

HEY THERE, the preseason is cancer, we got no wards that i was so happy to buy before now i just randomly get them use both of them and than cant ward for over a minute and sometimes i have 2 stacks for 5 minutes removing mana pots is also cancer, same as the around 40 champs, i know that everyone is saying that cs go, overwatch and bla bla are crushing league ( maybe why riot wanted to get their 1 last run with -60-70% on skins which is 99% of their profit) but i believe u can still save ur game, and no you shouldnt only do changes that get on reddit frontpage and keep the changes that get on reddit frontpage, im diamond 2 70lp crushing challenger nubz all the time and imo homeguard change is THE BIGGEST CANCER, i used to buy homeguards on champs like kata and ahri around 8-9 min into game, it was alot faster i didnt have to w8 8 seconds but 6, and the hp/mana regen was faster now its just terrible, i know u didnt get alot of complaints about the preaseson thats cause every1 is having finals and holidays worying about more important stuff but than there is me still gaming 15 hours a day and im sad to see the game playing for over 4 years and invested so much time getting good watching pro guides, faker videos buying all the gaming peripherals go to waste cause of a little changes like that. i know that for u over there is just like aa who gives a fck players are still gona keep playing cause 90% of players are gold and silver and they care more for icons and skins and kills than for wictory but to players like me game balance is really important, some new champs like jax and malza that require LITERALLY almost 0 skill are crushing, what do u have to do on malzahar? WOW E AND THAN R MECHANICAL GOD WTF BJERGSEN OMG PRO GOW DID HE DO THAT HE CLICKED E AND THAN AFTER THAT SURPRESED ME ON 72 SECONDS......i know u are probably not going to revert mana pot and ward and homeguard and zhonya and hydra change from which are all pure living breating cancer but its ok im still gonna keep playing ur game no matter how unbalanced and shitty it is and aldo every1 is moving on from it im gona stay and im gona be playing cancer champs like malza too aldo it isnt fun and doesnt require any skill, now i know that the writing for the next feedback is gona suck, but il be there... will you?
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