What is going on with "balance"?

The last time I checked Urgot was OP. Now, a few patches after that last time, Urgot suddenly bumped to a huge play rate, in almost every single game I play, absolutely demolishing us while being tanky. 9.7 brought "nerfs" to Urgot, doing almost nothing in particular, he can still play any %%%%ing ru%%%%nd dominate the enemy without much skill. Only problem is that there is almost no counterplay to that once he reaches a certain point of power with his items, whether they're tank or damage. This reminds me of Vayne. She just gets 2 items and becomes god, even if she is 0/7. Literally just ulting in and oneshotting for no reason. At least she can be deleted as well; or can she after the unnecessary and unexplained buff she received right before her Firecracker Vayne skin was released? Galio for some reason was a huge issue for a lot of patches before he became slightly worse, being pushed out of the meta almost entirely due to that. However, remember Aftershock Galio? That shit was not fun to nobody, I remember some enemy of mine telling me how gross Galio, and agreed in not damaging each other due to the pain I suffered in lane (we lost, but at least that person was honorable). Speaking of Aftershock, Lissandra can somehow be viable with that rune. Since it's a tanky rune that also gives some damage, it may be viable in all sorts of damage-dealers offering them tanky options without losing much damage power. And that is still because the Resolve tree offers damage aside from tankiness. Seriously, will you understand that **TANKS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DEAL DAMAGE, ONLY TAKE DAMAGE.** There are sadly tanks with surprisingly good AP scalings, that effectively make them substitute Mages with melee range that also don't die as easily if caught out. Things like AP Shyvana, that simply burst down opponents with a simple low-cooldown skillshot (E) are for some reason viable. And ironically, she was recently buffed (in 9.2) in that ability as well, to make the hell of damage and even worse hell. What feels wrong about AP Malphite? Everything, the moment he starts building Hextech Protobelt and Lich Bane. As a tank, he has a passive that gives him a shield, also has good resistances, also has bonus health from his itemization which also enables him to deal damage. His kit is designed to deliver good CC that will absolutely demolish the enemy team with just one simple combo. His team will take care of the enemies while airborne, if he could not oneshot them with his 260-600 (+ 160% AP) magic damage combo. Aside from being able to simply build a bit of AP and oneshot everyone with a knockup that lasts for 1.5 seconds, he has bonus damage with his basic attacks depending on the armor he stacked and is proud of. Now he has even more damage with his E that somehow has a 40% armor scaling, as if the 200 base damage at rank 5 was not enough. Rammus, the stupidly annoying little brat that runs right into you, taunts you for an eternity and tanks all damage you deal on him, while also reflecting some of it back to you to make sure you die from your own fire, and his own fire from that special item called Sunfire Cape ({{item:3068}}). Has another exceptional scaling on his Q of 100% AP to make sure you don't just get stunned (or more accurately knocked back), but also suffer unexplainable damage and the 40-80% slow, which pretty much makes you immobile. It sunergizes perfectly with his R that stacks slow every second up to a total of 8 times, which leads to a total of 64-96% slow over the course of 8 seconds that you are never going to survive. In the case you do survive those 8 seconds, those will also be your last in the game. In the meantime of those 8 seconds you will have sucked 320-960 (+ 160% AP) magic damage. And if you happened to be near a structure all that time, bad news for you is that you let him destroy both you and that structure with double that damage. So the gameplay is run, dive, taunt, tank, hit, kill, run out. A tank whose purpose is to **run onto the enemy and kill them**. Speaking of running like a %%%%ing demon, what's als%%%%ong with Sion? He can just unstoppably run into you and strike with his excessive damage. The bread and butter ability of his, Decimating Smash (Q) deals 20-100 (+ 45-75% AD) physical damage without being channeled. If you channel it for at least 2 seconds you can simply triple that damage, or in other words deal 60-300 (+ 135-225% AD) physical damage with a 2-second channel on an ability that has a 10-6 second cooldown. Now imagine a Sion that decided to build Lethality; he can just go in and oneshot anyone with 3 abilities (R, Q, E), if they survive the extraterraneous base damage of his R, which can even reach 1200. It's funny how his AD scaling does not rise up by nearly as much as his base damage does depending on the channel time. It's not even physically possible to explain how such an ability would chunk anyone's HP just like that. I'm not even going to mention the individual numbers, just the total of that R, Q, E combo, which is 235-1705 (+ 45-225% AD) (+ 40-80% total AD) (+ 55% AP) total damage (most of it is physical). If he builds as tank, he can deal loads of base damage. If he builds as damage, he will completely delete everyone, with little chances of being killed. And even if he gets killed, he's coming back stronger than ever, relentlessly and mercilessly smashing his opponents faster and stronger. Was it necessary to make it so that he heals off of the basic attacks while dead? The hell of running like a demon and taking infinite damage while dealing enough damage back is what's ruining the health of the game a lot. But, it's sadly still a small part of the problem. There must be balance in the triangle of the utility of a champion: - Mobility - Tankiness - Damage A champion that runs fast and tanks a lot of damage (Rammus) must not deal damage. Respectively, a champion that runs fast and deals a lot of damage (Hecarim) must not tank damage. Also, a champion that tanks damage and deals damage (Urgot) should not have any mobility whatsoever, let alone a dash. As a post-note, why do tanks have shields? Seriously, that's insane. Not only are their stats based around being tanky, they're also given the option to get "extra health" from their integrated shields, leaving a window for building damage while still tanking. In conclusion, tanks are better than almost all classes in that sense, they do provide CC, they do tank damage, they do deal damage and do win the game. Remember when Ekko's base damage had to be gutted to not allow tank Ekko to be played? That was a right call, his kit was way too favorable to build tank. Why aren't all those tanks being nerfed so that they only tank damage without dealing a lot of it? At least Marksmen are not tanky, and may be considered the balanced versions of the triangle, however there is way too much mobility given on champions whose only purpose is to right click you to death from afar. The only difference(s) between Ashe and Kai'Sa is that Kai'Sa can simply press R to dash onto an area that's much further than her, which is around an opponent that is within her basic attack range, while **also** gaining a shield that scales with AD and AP. And that Kai'Sa has a stacking passive that detonates upon 5 stacks dealing chunks of hybrid damage. What's the deal with making every single Marksman hybrid? Varus can be the disgusting filthy abomination he is and deal unexplainable damage. If he cannot reach you, he just perma stuns you for 3 seconds, and everyone around you if they stay close to you. So he can just decide to stun someone (if he isn't bad enough to miss the skillshot) and shout "LEAVE OR DIE" to everyone else near him. At least he can die easily, if he's reached, unironically this time. However, things like Ezreal piss me off a lot. Zoe was an unsuccessful champion design, so they just decided to make Ezreal the oneshot machine that also has AD and is consistent. He can just WQ you and there goes your health bar from an ability that is back up within 2 seconds at worst that scales way too hard (110% AD). It's like a basic attack but much better. Even Yasuo has less damage from his Q that may be considered a skillshot basic attack. At least he is also easily killable, if you reach him with his E that simply lets him blink away without any problem, other than the 0.25 second cast time. At least it's on a big enough cooldown, if he does not build the typical blue Ezreal build that includes items only a few champions use, including Ezreal himself. Name more than 5 champions that efficiently build Manamune. And for another candidate in the extreme mobility group, Tristana, I don't have anything good to say. She can seriously jump in, kill someone, and jump in/out again. The cooldown is simply reset on any takedowns. As if her damage and range weren't enough, she can literally jump a range that's bigger than her attack range at any stage of the game. And to make things even worse, she just presses R and pushes you away. No, you cannot just go in and kill her, she has 2 ways of getting out, both having a total of 1500-1900 units distance. She jumps 900 units away and pushes you 600-1000 units back. Only two other champions can compete with that much distance safety, them being Kai'Sa (again) and Corki (600-1800) distance. However, they are not as effective, because they have long cooldowns and don't also deal tremendous amounts of damage, in fact, Kai'Sa does no damage during her dash, and Corki only deals damage from his dash trail, that you need to physically contact to get hurt. And the question comes here, do Assassins, the class that was literally made to deal with Marksmen and other squishy champions, even remotely have the ability to be viable against those champions? Only specific examples, including Zed, Kha'Zix and Katarina can be effective, due to their massive leaps and blinks, however, even for them it's impossible to deal with Tristana if she has all her abilities up, becuse they are melee, and if they gap close towards them, Tristana just pushes them back and tilts them for the rest of the game. Which means that somehow there do exist Marksmen whose kits are made to counter a class that was made to counter them.
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