Senna being a support over adc.

First and foremost, i'm a main support. Secondly, I've gotten tired of the only tank or AP support choices you have over the years, I remember when ashe and misfortune were picked as support, that was really awesome, because i got to play something else. Sure Pyke came as a AD support, but he wasn't really my cup of tea. When i saw that you were gonna make the first marksman support i got super happy, but the thing is most people i've seen in PBE play her as a marksman.. That got me somewhat upset, because that means i have to fight my own adc about whom should get to play Senna.. I understand that it's often better for the game, having champions being able to work in multiple roles, but i would really want her to be focused mainly as a support. And please nerf her, i tend not to play op characters, that makes me feel less skilled, one of the reasons i didn't play pyke, because he felt super op and super cheesy. Many regards a happy lol player :) Ps, please bring dominion back.... Was my favorit mode, and 3 friends of mine stopped playing lol because you removed dominion.. How can you not see keeping dominion as profitable??? I'm truly sad about this, and so are my friends.
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