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Hi. I'm not some pro player, I'm just a plat 3 player that have been spaming senna cuz I rly like her and want to say what I think about her in general I want to start by saying... "No she is not op. She is op when people have no idea how to play against her just like any other champ) Passive - Ok so this passive can be kinda op late game but on early levels it rly sucks. You have to get closer to get souls and people can take advantage to engage on you since senna is a EASY kill. Like rly easy to kill. Again maybe she need some nerfs on the stats that it gives her but something that needs to change is when you kill someone it should give you the soul automatically. Souls remain on the floor for a shor time and on a team fight or u stop to get them or u will just lose them. So I think that needs to change. Q - So the range is rly good but it can be dodge, not easly but it can be. Now I think that you should have some kinda of choise to make. Like going AD would give u more damage and AP will give you more healing cuz the way it is now you just go AD and get both. So something like x% ad scaling on damage and x% ap on healing. This way you chose being a support or a carry (I dont think that playing sup and healing 20k and dealing the most damage is healthy for the game) W - Ok skill not op. Easy to dodge. Just fix the hit box pls E - This is a weird one but here's the thing. This skill is like kalista. If it is good enough on solo Q it is OP BROKEN ASS skill on pro play. What I'm saying is that it is not that broken on solo Q cuz people dont play as a real team. Even if u want to use for for urself it is kinda like a twitch Q but worse since they can see where u are. R - The damage can be kinda op but it is easly dodged. The shield I dont think thats op at all. Like a Karma R + E will shield more than that. "But it is global" Yeh it is but still not THAT big of a shield. So in the end just think about this. Senna early suck, like RLY sucks. Play arround that and you will be fine. Take advantage of the fact that she needs to get closer to collect the souls. Have a nice day :) {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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