why ranked tft is in above normal? ( default) ??? are you kidding me?

i don't know why but i am 99% sure it is a purposefully thing that rito made up! ( before patch 9.15 it wasn't above normal mode) it is literally bad decision for those who decide to never play ranked mode ( or only tft ranked mode i myself choose this one to never play ranked tft but what you have done rito? i mistakenly ran to ranked mode because i thought it is always below normal. how you re selfish to make things for only your own ideas and profits?. ( e.g old cursor removal.but it's back now) i know beggars do not choose but make a site app or anything that we can put our upvotes/downvotes on your ideas . like new skin pyke{{champion:555}} who has the same homeguard and animation! i know i can't make difference at all just had to say that they never care about community. especially season 9. really season 9 is such a joke! appreciate tons of downvotes/with regards !
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