What am i doing wrong?

I'm really stuck in Bronze 5. I started less than 10 months ago, I'm not a great player but since I started ranked games (a couple of months ago) I am making progress. I started as sup with Soraka/ Janna but looking after my ADC, healing, and warding was never enough to get wins since top or mid would get crushed almost every single time and JG would just calmly farm. I found out about Pyke, who can do a lot more than just sup, i bought him and i got familiar with him pretty fast and i like him a lot. So, what i do is basically try to give a head start to my ADC (usually I can do that fast enough in the games) and then roam through the river (ultra fast with runes etc) and gank mid, top every time i see an opportunity cause Junglers never do in the first 10+ minutes, they just farm farm farm farm.... It works, at least more often than not, and all lanes have an early advantage but 10-15 minutes later it gets really ugly and everyone feeds like there is no tomorrow...I mean they feed in the most stupid ways! and the funny thing is that somehow they blame me because i rush to where they are while i ping them to fall back and usually chose not to engage in their stupid 2v4 fights. You bet there is constant flaming and someone will go AFK in every other game. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what else i can do but sure thing is that I'm in a sick loop... A couple of wins and then 6-7-8 loses and every loss is like -20LP and wins are like +16 LP just to f**k with me more.....lol
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