TFT = Slot machine simulator

So, the new game mode is completely rng based, which honestly, wouldn't be an issue if not the "we will add a TFT ranked later on" statement. I'm sorry, what? The game mode has literally no way to express yourself, there is no "git gud" factor, it's entirely rng based, what items you get as drops or from circle pick, what champs you're able to even level up, whether your champs will actually do something or just stand still, or will they get instakilled by nobody(multiple times i've seen both my champs and enemy champs just die randomly or just stop doing anything and just standing still as if they're stunned or something when they haven't been stunned or frozen at all), to top it all off i can clearly imagine Rito adding actual real money microtransactions to have a "better chances of getting the stuff you're looking for". Some might say that there is tactics and strategy involved, but i say nay, there is none, because it doesn't matter what is your comp, being it 6 glacials or 6 yordles(which is unreal to get imo), hell even getting 3 star characters is stupidly difficult. As soon as you get a 2 star, you can count that you won't see that character in the shop for the rest of the game. (I've tried forcing rolls and not forcing rolls, nothing changes, so forcing rolls is up to you, either you want more champs on the field or gamble for a chance to get a champ you need) Also in regards to items, I've been on the receiving end of that s*** rng and seen other people being on it as well, when your only items are the ones you get from the circle. My thoughts are, either remove all rng aspects of this game mode entirely, Or simply ditch the plans for it to have ranked ladder. **Because if this gets a ranked ladder, it will be the same as having a one-armed bandit competition.** Hell, even poker is better at competitive aspects than TFT, and poker has been around for a long while. I hope someone from Riot reads this, and thinks carefully about future of TFT. _~Don't get me wrong i see a great deal of potential in the game mode, i'm not hating on it, i just hate the gambling part of it. Since i hate gambling in general.~_
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