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Hello, Im a gold 4 pleb who only plays toplane, Im trying my best to improve quickly at the game and taking decision making done by popular streamers such as dyrus and valkrin to heart and being healthily selfcritical ( I have played this game for maybe 4 months now and I pretty much only play GP ) Toplane is toplane, it can make people salty and I understand that, Its fine in my case, even if I get camped i can usually get away with not dying and wasting the junglers time. There is a massive problem that Im facing though enough to make my first post on the boards and I just want to get a grasp of what you guys/girls are encountering. So I just queued up and I go top and in the loading screen I can see that we're up against a 3stack and a duo bot, I ask the people in my team if there are any premades in our team, no response so Im betting on not. This seems to be happening alot, I havent faced a 5stack which should be rare, but its still very painful to face a team when they havent got a single soloqueuer, the amount of kicked in the teeth you get by their superior teamplay is overwhelming and theres honestly not much you can do other than praying you stomp the other laner and can 1v2. And before you ask, no it isnt such a big deal to me that I've made a spreadsheet with the percentage amount of times I face a tripple queue in on a 100% soloqueue team. But Almost every game I tend to see alot of people who are in the same clubs. TL:DR: Play soloq in a 100% soloq team up against multiple stacked team with tripples and doubles recently alot? and whats your take on it.
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