When will "Lee Sin Mania" subside? - Bruce Lee would turn in his grave

I mean seriously Riot, how long have we got to endure this champion being treated like a special snowflake with ridiculous early game damage and safety in the jungle? I understand that he is your favorite champion and you want to make him "awesome" so that he can make you $$$ off LCS BIG PLAYS but why does this champion need the damage he has for the mobility he has. If you play a champion without some form of dash, even some with CC, the bastard just sticks to you with no effort because his Q has an extremely short cooldown and fractional energy cost (well we all know what a joke "resource" energy is compared to mana - Right {{champion:238}}?). It would be nice to see some different junglers for once, other then {{champion:64}} or {{champion:28}}. I mean seriously, jungle is suffering from huge diversity problems at the moment because you screwed with all three jungler enhancements, made them overpowered and then nerfed them into oblivion. But who has stay relevant the WHOLE way through... {{champion:64}}. I don't understand what about this champion you even like so much, he is simply a Bruce Lee rip-off because you could not come up with anything else more interesting then just "generic martial arts man" and hardly anyone who doesn't play him thinks he's "fun" and interesting... Infact, he becomes laughably predictable and requires the player to play like a coward, not befitting of the "Martial Arts Master" he is supposed to be. * If he Q's you during a gank, he will jump to you. * If he misses the Q, he will just skulk off like a girl and go find another area to aim his Q from. He has 0 thought actually gone into his design and current kit is not fitting of the "honorable" Martial Arts guy he is supposed to be ripping off. I will say this much, **Bruce Lee is turning in his grave over {{champion:64}}. He makes Martial Arts look like a hyperactive pigeon, bouncing across the place, like in movies rather then the skillful, balanced art it is supposed to be** It's a disrespectful false representation of Bruce Lee and his artes.
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