As someone who wants to main Zoe!

Hello As someone who wants to main Zoe and has already got alot of games on her, i have the following to say! Her Q base dmg is way too high which allows for zoe supp to be very strong and makes Zoe unshutdownable! Meaning if you put her 1/13 which riot is fine with the first couple of months, they said it themselves, is it absolutly ridiculous that she can still easily deal over 1.3k dmg with a single Q! So i suggest to nerf the base dmg to oblivion and buff the ap scaling to compensate! This way you actually need to play good, meaning get kills, farm well, don't die, don't lose exp etc. This would actually make Zoe skillful cuz now you don't have to be good to deal tons of dmg! Zoe is supposed to be skillfull so these changes would be optimal! Her E range, dmg and zoning is great, it is really strong and i like this ability in general! For now lots of players still need to learn when you face a zoe be aware of skillshots through walls she is the only champ that can shoot such far skillshots from the fog of war (old nidalee did the same for a big part, miss her :'( RIP). But the E cooldown reduction on hit just needs to be removed! It's no skill to be able to throw such an amazing ability on a low cooldown! As for the zoning field it creates it is to big! You can legit miss the E but then the zoning field will hit them. It's basicly a morgana Q that has a morgana W hitbox at the end. So i would say make the field a bit smaller! If the Q changes actually happens i think Zoe would be farily balanced since it will need to take skill to get fed for the big oneshots. Why zoe feels very strong and unfun for enemy players now is that she just oneshots ppl when they get hit once while Zoe being 1/13. The change would solve this for a big part since then it's "oh zoe is fed", if anyother champ, looking at you talon, zed or kayn is fed they will also just OS you ;) tho most players accept this as "fine". Tips for playing against her: Zoe deals tons of dmg when she can hit Q on an E'd (sleeping) target! So when an ally is sleeping, go block the Q. Even better you know the Q should be coming! Meaning Zoe will use R forward to close the gab thus you can land your CC abilities at her RETURNING R spot. Also Zoe is super immobile, it just looks like she has alot of mobility but this is fake, just walk up to her and kill her she can't escape, Zoe is similar to xerath like this care for the E or go in after E is used. These are my points on Zoe! Let me know what you think and hope riot reads this! Greetings from (Future) zoe main ^^
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