Is it really that sad to play support?

Hey guys, I’m Sammy Walker and I play league of legends since first season. Mostly I play normals but occasionally I like to play some ranked games. My main role is support and I’m always surprised how people negatively react to the moment when they are forced to go on support lane and then they try lots of techniques to actually swap with someone or when there is already known that no one wants to swap they go full aggressive support with Brand, Zyra or even Zoe now. So, is it really that bad to play a support? Well, there are some aspects that would confirm it. For example, the thing that well support plays don’t look so spectacular as for example well adc plays or some assassin champions. You always heal for the same amount as there is no critical healing in league of legends and people are automatically expecting that some heal is going to appear without even thinking that it might not be there. What’s more, people actually can’t see the effort you put in your role. The announcer only speaks about kills and in team fights which sometimes are really heated up, you cannot recognise where did you get this heal or this shield from. All in all you end up with thought “Omg, I have no f*ckin idea how I survived this this teamfight, I have to be the god on this champion”. I go for a bet that you had this kind of situation before. Also at the end of the game people usually want to see only the amount of whole damage dealt and things related only to damage. Rarely players look at vision score, healing or shielding done. For the last of the aspect that would confirm the sadness of playing support is lack of counter building. Your main goal is supporting ad carry and in mid/late phase other players. But at the end no matter what support champion, you have to have locket, redemption, warding item, boots, and one extra item of your choice, but if you are healer its ardent censer and if you are tanker its knight’s vow. Yeah, I know I forgot about one slot but usually it’s spot for 3 vision wards. Now, why it may not be as bad as they saying? Because of all of this reasons, support lane is really unique one and I would say not for all. It is designed for rather patient and calm players. Supports in mid phase of the game have to play not only for one lane but for all of them. Best vision score should always belong to support players. Sometimes single ward let you avoid more damage than any other shield. It may be really self-satisfying to know that thank to all wards you placed, whole you team benefits from it. For the last thing I would like to say that denying damage may be a lot funnier than dealing it. Because of huge variety champion pool you have lots of possibilities to make your enemies suffer more than they could imagine. Yes, support players need to have something from sadist. Maybe you don’t deal damage, but watching enemy main damage dealer struggling in charms, stuns without option to present their full damage potential is a true pleasure. Despite all of those things I still love playing support. I know that lots of people won’t agree with me but maybe after this text some of them will understand my point of view. Cya guys in future games. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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