Aatrox rework an actual Non-biased review

Now before I start i know that some of you will think ever i'm being to clingy to the old Aatrox or you just want the new op champion non of that will be include as i'm sick of seeing riven 2.0 in YouTube and how that people will start to complain oh i don't like his new voice or new look all i can say is shut it if you liked him before oh well he's changed for a reason and for the better which i will explain in more detail but if you still don't like him oh well go to a new champ that you like no one is forcing you. know i know there will be people who will latch onto this but whatever their 12 years old **he is not a riven 2.0** ok so why did Aatrox be reworked main reason is he would struggle through every game and before you say "but when i play Aatrox i always have a positive score and win lane" good for you, you have been able to out play your opponents or they have been idiots but you never won the game all thanks to you like a darius or Riven. any competent player will know how to counter Aatrox as all he has to escape is his Q nothing else the E slow is to short and with most of top and jungle having gap-closer's or long ability's there is not really much a Aatrox can do. example of this in a game is an Aatrox vs Teemo top first teemo has all his poke; ranged auto attacks/ the poison and blind if you try and farm as Aatrox you will be punished alot forcing you to back of and use your E to farm but just using that will lose you most of your farm Aatrox vs Garen Garen will silence then spin cuting your armor and dealing the most of the trade forcing you to back of Aatrox vs Rumble Rumble uses his flamethrower at you then once out of minions will fire harpoon at you forcing you to back of you get the picture now Aatrox no matter how many buffs can not keep up with any other champion as his kit is to out dated which is why his new ability's give him the ability to fight back * His Q which now has 3 attacks gives him the ability to poke back at champions and knock them up and if you read the champion ability increases in damage with each Q * His W is know a ranged ability that once his will chain the enemy champion into the center giving him the ability to stop the enemy champion from escaping and running away * His E is a short dash that holds 2 charges with a passive similar to his old W allows him to heal while in battle also increasing his damage after the dash * His R the ult is pretty much like his old R where he increases in size and gaining some more movement speed also his old passive blood well is know in his ult * His passive is now his next basic attack has increased range and deals a percentage of the target’s maximum health as damage. This attack also significantly reduces all healing and shielding on the target for a few seconds. while in his battle stance all these new ability are there to ensure Aatrox now can fight with other champions and work well in his team as the Fighter. also the reason people think he is like riven is because of his Q and if you say what about his E then you forgot Graves. just because his Q has three modes to it does not make him like riven unlike riven who's Q and other ability's are quick attacks Aatroxs are not they do have a short charge period giving you a chance to get away if you have played riven and are good with her or played against a good riven and yes they do exist just like a non-toxic yasuo then you can see the difference straight away. Now for his looks for starters get rid of the old Aatrox look out of your head the new Aatrox is like Rhaast and varus but unlike Rhaast and varus Aatrox has taken full control of the once human host and his voice does sound like a wannabe Dracula but it does suit the new look if you take in the fact we don't know what the human host once sounded like so that is redeemable the one thing is the great-sword yes it looks cool don't get me wrong with that pulsing center but it could have been more. and lore wise that has changed he is no longer that once savior to a loosing side well he was like that but because of Zoe for trapping the Darkin into weapons he has held a grudge so he has changed. all in all he will be strong and he will probably have some nerfs before coming onto the live servers but now the people who want to play Aatrox or the old mains who don't mind the change will enjoy him {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{champion:266}}
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