I'm the only reason I lose games

So I watched a video on youtube about people that climb etc or win games, the video essentially says that it's down to you whether you climb in Solo Q or not. I'm not gonna lie I've always thought my teams hold me back, so I went into the next game with the mindset that it's down to me and it's nothing to do with my team. I camp mid for ahri to delay yasuos powerspike, get ahri a few kills but every time I wasn't there she died, ok w/e. I go to contest a dragon, my team decides to hard engage on the opponents throwing everything at them instead of zoning and securing the dragon, ok my fault maybe I should have engaged and died myself. I want to gank bot lane, perfect opportunity for a double kill, for one thresh doesn't throw his lantern when he's on top of the enemy, and dives when they're 50% health and I'm not even close yet. GG Skarner noob gank. I want to learn this mindset that it's down to me but cmon dafuq is this, my brother plays with better people than these and he's in bronze 2... Iget pissed off a lot and I do blame my team mates often, but the game I just played is a prime example why I do so. I am going to start playing ranked teams anyway but wtf is this Solo Q. I was 3/1/4 at around 12 minutes and was doing well, but my team were simply outclassed. I was under the assumption that the lower elo you have the better teams you "should" have. I do understand that towards the end of a season it's inevitable that you'll get worse teams, but why am I always the one on the lesser end of it. Anyways I don't care anymore I'm just going to play and try to enjoy it, hopefully ranked teams is the solution because this Solo Q stuff is bs. Gonna play another Solo Q game, I'll post the details after... Just had another game as Kha'zix I was fed as usual, we were doing okay at the beginning, I counter jungle lee sin, kill him and take the blue. I give my blue to veigar to give him an advantage. Veigar dies over and over again in lane to a fiddlesticks, I gank and get him a few kills but that doesn't make him into a mediocre player unfortunately. Bot was doing okay, braum was a good player but Ashe was meh, again i gank a few times get them ahead.I didn't bother with ganking top, olaf vs malphite so they were just farming etc. After lane phase, I'm getting kills and assists left right and center, my team (apart from braum) keep dying in poor positions over and over again, getting face checked in brushes etc. As per usual I can't carry a team that bad, but I'm the only one responsible for the loss, gg wp. Last 2 games: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2363111132/212106662?tab=overview http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2362925517/212106662 Won my last 3 games, had half decent teams ^^
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