Does Gangplank need early game buffs ?

I am a gp main and started playing around mid season 6 once i got a grip of the game and learned its basics i started playing gp . at that time gp even though his early game is weak simply to balance him accordingly because of his mid late game power spike in the laning phase it felt like gp had a decent fighting chance vs any of match ups of course some match ups may be more difficult to play around than others but still you could go at least in the best case even with your opponent laner. The thing is currently speaking gp cant lane accordingly vs almost any match up and u dont even get a fighting chance like you previously did considering your opponent is the same lvl of skill and mmr .Playing Gp just feels terrible now and the buff is so insignificant that it doesnt change anything . And with how early game focused the game is now played gp mains are totally dying out and falling of their previous ranks . Thats pretty apparent on high elo as well where master and challenger tier gp mains are nowhere to be found . On the other hand other otp type of champions like yasuo riven are having it their own way with (especially riven players) being probably at least 3 riven or yasuo otps highly ranked on the ladder this doesnt feel quite well with me . Even though you could arguably say that riven yasuo approach different play styles , but still both of them (riven and yasuo ) scale on different aspects quite well on the later stages of the game and still being able to highly perform and every stage of the game

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