Is this game worth playing anymore?

Riot, you know you are loosing players, you know the reason, do it.. make this game cool again. We got a new map, thanks! We got URF back, thanks! We got cool gamemodes, thanks! But you know what we didn't got? Balance. Yes, balance. The only thing I see today is " follow the meta or get stomped " . It is true! Have you seen any Aatrox recently? Fiddlesticks? Nunu? Singed? Soraka? Taric? Trundle? Yorick? Zilean? Zyra? I didn't! You know why? Because they aren't viable anymore, because they get countered very easy! Where's the feeling of " I'm gonna call a friend and we'll have so MUCH FUN! " ? I forgot that feeling, some of my friends stopped playing this game because of balance. I need the old good days back, and you know it. And I'm not the only one! I've seen TONS of threads like this, you have seen them too, but you ignored them. Are you making fun of us? Kalista? Let's give her a dash EVERY AUTO. Cool, downvote me, Riot will see this too, they'll ignore it. I'm out. I can't play this again, sry, the old good days are gone. Playing Orianna mid just because I liked the champion and she was weekly, not because she was in the meta. Thanks for making me spend 2 years in this game, and I regret only the last 5 moths, thanks for making me spending real monney's on this, the content is great, I'm talking about the skins and things like that. But the game.. better not complain anymore....
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