How do I climb out of Bronze

I've seen this hundreds of times, call me a clone .. it's true. Anyway, I am unsure what I am doing wrong. I can accept I may not be 'ready' to climb and that is something I am willing to build upon but I like to think that I am at least higher than my current division states, my rank has fluctuated between Bronze IV - II and I am currently sitting in the middle. I love support, it's an amazing role I used to always adopt whether it be a normal game or ranked. However, over time I noticed a trend in my games. People would make small mistake in teamfights: - Not Proc a Zhonya for extension of utility in teamfights. *cough* Kata 'mains' *cough* - Basically the above, but forget to activate team based items (when I don't support I see someone like a Leona pick up locket and never use it once) - Bad co-ordination with ults. It feels like a 'whoever presses R on the team first wins' Everyone naturally forms a line behind the tank over time and it is such an awkward thing to see a lux laser activate. I am willing to admit I make these mistakes occasionally, albeit very occasionally. I want to consider myself at least high silver, low gold. That's a start for me I guess. I hope I can get some good feedback on people who've shared the same experiences and perhaps climbed from their lower rank to a higher rank. I would like to do this as a support role, although I have found that it's so difficult to depend on your AD carry positioning in ganks, how to co-ordinate the jungle gank itself and other things. Mid .. just not my style to be honest and I have taken a new shine to top again with Vlad who I used to main, although not a safe choice as I have no interaction with the game for a extended period of time (I find ghost better than teleport) Drop thoughts below, I would love to hear them and any suggestions will be taken and heavily appreciated.
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