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Nexi? I don't know what the plural of Nexus is. Anyway, I was thinking about Nexuses in League and what there role is in terms of the lore. >#Old Lore Originally I understand that Nexi fitted into the lore as follows: ***In the tutorial it is mentioned that the nexus is what allows summoners to maintain their connection to their champions and by destroying it you are able to claim victory. Someone might want to look that up. (It was something along the lines, don't remember if exactly that)*** ###### - November 29, 2013 by Gamemakergm >#New Lore However as of 2014 ***(As of late 2014, Riot has stated that the concept of a Summoner (as found in the lore of the game) is to be altered, Institute of War is going to be removed and thus the in-lore League of Legends is to be "Fully Relaunched" again.)*** ###### >#Future Lore Now I don't know the full story behind the new lore yet or the purpose the Nexue play in that story. However assuming it is something relatively similar I had an idea regarding the further development of the Nexus'. Currently we understand what happens when a Nexus is destroyed but not why people respawn nor why they try and destroy other Nexuseses. So I thought what if the Nexus is made into a machine that brings it's champions back to life and has the ability to create life in the form of minions. However there were never meant to be 2 Nexues, due to the witchcraft going on inside, they are creating a feedback loop and they are starting to destabilise and accelerate to dangerous levels (think every sci-fi movie featuring future tech like ever). Now the champions are 5 beings that heard about the Nexus (5 heard about each Nexus) and they travelled to find it, sneaking past deactivated turrets. Upon discovering it and turning it on they became bound to it and even if they should fall in battle they can be bought back (this takes longer as the Nexus becomes less stable). Upon turning the Nexus on they realised that there was another Nexus out there that was causing their Nexus to malfunction. If the Nexuss were allowed to continue they would wreak havoc on the world and would eventually end it. If they were to destroy their Nexus now it would end the feedback loop however they would all be killed as their life force is bound to it. So the five of them decide to work together to try and find and destroy the enemy Nexus, killing any creatures it spawns, any (now reactivated) turrets, and any people who have become bound to the opposing Nexus. >#Gameplay changes 1. Minimal Possible effect on Gameplay * Some sort of visual effect signifying the Nexus reviving the champion * The opposing champions die when their Nexus is destroyed 2. Medium effect on Gameplay * All that is written above above and: * Homeguards are now a Nexus effect - They are caused by the building energy in the Nexus, as such the effect is present when moving around the Nexus (after however many minutes), regardless of time since being in the fountain. However when one of the inhibitors is destroyed some of the stored energy is released and the effect stops until the inhibitor respawns. * A crackling energy field that grows around the nexus as the game progresses (visual only) * Gradual cracking of the ground around the nexus that proceeds outwards from the Nexus. This begins to spin as the game progresses (visual only) - Think of the video for World's Collide 3. High effect on gameplay * All that is written above above and: * The dragons and baron are spawned when pent up energy arcs between the two Nexi - This is visual and also causes an explosion/line of damage across the map (maybe 1 tick of the fountain turret ie. 1000 true damage). * When the game progresses far enough the moving rocks surrounding the Nexus start to damage both friendlies and enemies (as they hit them - in case that wasn't obvious) similar to Aurelion Sol stars * To be honest, really selling this concept would rely on implementing a metric ton of animations and effects that I can't even think of right now, but I'm gonna mention them because if they were included, it would really make this concept believable and to some degree maybe even obvious (ie people who haven't read the lore still have an idea what is going on). * After 90 minutes both Nexuses will explode and everyone dies. The game ends in a draw. ("We have the late game" will become "we can make it to late game"). Anyway, I figured this would be a cool way to tie 95% of the current gameplay into an single story. Any suggestions or improvements I'd be very happy to hear. Any comments telling me how much of a noob I am or why I'm stupid I value particularly highly, to ensure I read these and make life choices based upon them, please email them to me directly tl;dr - The Nexus makes people come back to life, they will blow each other up unless one is destroyed, if your team destroys their Nexus, their team dies forever thus the fighting.
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