"Climbing styles" which one are you? :D And guessing which one is the most effective. (Poll)

So.. this one's abit special, there's MANY ways to climb. Everyone has his own version. Personally, counting my games and climbing in a strategic manner helped me alot. I'm gonna list a few and explain them :P I might miss a few, and you might not have a specific one, but it is REALLY helpful if you have one. A friend of mine climbed really fast starting to count his games and stop at a certain point rather than just playing and not stopping. *** **Growing your bacteria :** You are growing your Mmr, your "bacteria" from tiny bacteria to till your Mmr and bacteria is larger. You stop at losses and you try to be careful and consistently win. Once you win alot, you have an army of bacteria and it keeps growing. You don't have a specific game count, usually you stop when you have more wins than losses. 4W- 1L 5 games played today. **Stopping at 2 losses :** 2 losses is your limit for each day. You win as many games until you get 2 losses. (This one actually works really well and you can combine it with others.) **"Play alot of games and you will win more than you lose" :** This one is abit of a risky one, while this is true for the duration of a 100+ games, you don't necessarily have to play 15+ games a day. This one is good tho if you have alot of energy and are confident you are definitly gonna climb. Most of us don't have the energy, patience or consistency tho. **Onetrick Rollercoaster of looove! :** If you are a Onetrick tho, you have an advantage. Because you are so familiar with your matchups and how you're gonna play each game, you can sleep play and still win. You can play more games but I would still keep it down. You have an option tho. **Play 4/5/6 games a day :** You play 5 games a day. This way, you are at your best performance without falling asleep with your brain. You can also combine this one with **stopping at 2 losses** and **Growing your bacteria.** So you can have a maximum of 3 W- 2 L and if you're 3-1, you can stop there aswell. **Play till you're at a high LP count/high division : ** You play till you're at a high Lp count. 60 Lp, 70 Lp, 80 Lp then you stop and play your games tomorrow. Or you're a pro and climb a tier really fast and then you stop at Division 2 and call it a success for the day. **Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose :** The most basic strategie and the one thing you have to remember in all of what you do. You simply play every game your best and you play your games with a very calm mind. No matter if you win or lose, you know you're gonna get a winstreak afterwards. I recommend this mindset/strategie the most. Tell me which ones I've missed! Edited: **Play till your brain falls asleep :** You play as much games until your brain falls asleep. Sometimes could be 10-15 games and sometimes only 1 or 2.
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