Adc's have the worst decision making. 10 points made from a support's pov

So everybody can tell what the supports do wrong, and ward, and protect, and stuff like that,getting blamed if bot is lost but never praised if it's won. I haven't seen a single post being made for what "pro" adc's fail to do which have propably a huge impact in every game. Any adc mains you can tell me your point of view of this and then i ignore your opinion. Joking! 1) When i pick an offensive support,like morgana or brand (usually when i'm **_first pick_** to confuse counterplay) and my adc picks kog. Why on earth would you waste 2 champions like this on botlane with no synergy at all? 2) They rarely ward when my wards end. I mean, COME ON! I have to ping and tell them to actually ward, and they totally ward the bushes i am in, instead of river. I instantly right click to base to buy pink wards and facepalm my way till i reach the shop. 3) I won't mention that they almost never buy a pink ward themselves.Everlasting vision not worth 75g 4) They prefer to farm 3 minions and press "B" rather than help us securely kill the dragon. 5) That is kind of an advanced tactic, but when i pick offensive support and my adc picks burst champion, i manage to zone enemies 1 screen away, out of xp and farm, then my adc pushes with autoattacks the whole time, so that the wave goes under their turret. Why would you push the wave to turret when it automatically pushes towards our lane, and we manage to get more xp and gold than enemy?Plus, we lose kill potential if the wave is under turret.Is it so hard to last hit only? I have to ping a thousand times AND type it in chat, **_and repeat myself_** every 2 minutes because my adc just forgets about "last hit only" and starts pushing again.This is in platinum divisions, where everybody (suposedly) knows about freeze/shove tactics. We can never get a huge advantage with this tactic, because nobody ever executes it. 6) Mentioning about shoving, sometimes i aoe and try to farm minions,when my adc recalls,shoving them to enemy turret asap for the wave to push back to us. But the adc is never aware of such a thing and they ping me to leave or flame me for last hitting minions that would've otherwise gone to waste. 7) Another thing happening most of the times when we win our lane i go mid to help other lanes if they are losing or even,and my adc dies and blames me. Having 3/0 inlane,they feel secure.That is until the enemy support cc's them down and exhausts them, or if it is an alistar, just...turret dive. They think i am forced to stay botlane and breastfeed them out of puberty. 8) When i play protective supports, i get a totally different psychology. If i do play soraka my adc starts trading with no remorse, taking down huge amounts of HP without even trading sucessfully,i always end up heal spambot, then get blamed because on lvl 3 my heal has more than 3 seconds cooldown :O insane right? 9) i remember a game where i grabbed the enemy janna to our turret with blitzcrank 3 times in a row in botlane between levels 2-6, then my adc somehow managed to die. 10) If we somehow manage to feed ourselves and have huge output damage, our adc thinks they can be the frontline, resulting in huge throws lategame.Really frustrating thing, trying to feed the person who throws himself out of position in crucial team fights. Bonus general rule for every damage dealer in the team.Pinging for objectives, free barons, free inhibitors with no turrets protecting them and half enemies on the other side of the map, result to nobody listening and missing that chance, or prefer to teamfight ourselves to victory -.- Bonus general rule number 2. Around 30th minute where both teams try to force a baron fight, and your team wants to farm botlane or jungle, or just facecheck a place where the vision has ended resulting to a gank kill, inhibitor and then baron and then get punished for not being able to support high risk NO REWARD decisions :/

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