Jungler main crying a riven.

I just wanted to thank you, Riot games for making me completely hate my role. I've played jungle for the last 4 years, and I loved it. I forced myself to carry through the Graves meta, the Gragas meta, the Olaf meta. Everytime I thought maybe I should play a different role I said, nope, I'm a jungler, and I love being a jungler. The recent 8.10 patch is the one that completely ended it for me. Why? Just imagine the situation: -Enemy toplane is pushed up, he's lv3 my toplaner is lv2 cuz the wave is crashing into him just now. -I'm a lv2 jungler running around a godforsaken crab in the river, dancing with the other jungler, trying to outsmite each other. - Enemy laners, their waves being pushed in collapse on me, I have to let the scuttle go. Which means I'm going to be 1 lvl below the enemy jungler INSTANTLY. - The earlygame xp I get is nonexistent. We are 3 and a half minutes into the game, and I'm lvl2, my redbuff ticking off. I haven't ganked, I haven't established vision. I was trying to get an objective that pretty much decides how the game goes, and I didn't get it. Instead of doing something to make the game less "who gets the better adc", you managed to screw up the role that was the reason that you could still win against an adc who gets 2 early kills. The person who could maybe do something to shut down a snowballing carry, is going full on tango with a CRAB and the other jungler. I played a few games on different champions with different playpatterns. Kayn - Wasn't the worst game, enemy Jinx got fed. More than me. My entire burstcombo absorbed into a sona heal and a solari. Loss. Shyvana - Lv2 Shyvana. Contesting scuttle literally couldn't possibly happen. Loss. Xin - I figured scaling champs get way too far behind way too early, let's run with something with a good earlygame, good clear all that. Even with having a decent start, I got my lvl6, and I wanted to head botlane with the powerspike. Their botlane had 1 kill and they were lvl6 before I was. I got one of the two scuttles and powerfarmed myself to lvl6. Loss. I don't know if you see my point. The dev. said they wanted to make the game less team based and more solocarry. Then they made a change that literally does NOT ALLOW junglers to solocarry, unless they are Graves or some shit. Your laners either have good wave control so they can help you or you straightup LOST THE GAME. Thank you Riot. I'm outie, see you guys when I feed my arse off on toplane since I'm not on the same level as a sololaner in my division. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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