So let us talk about Caitlyn and the recent nerf that she got.

So I am an ADC main and Cait was one of my 5 main Marksmen that I played. But to be honest, I think maybe Riot nerfed the wrong part of Caitlyn, the runaan build was crucial for her so she can keep up in team fights, which is why now, she's kinda bad in teamfights since her damage output is SO LOW right now. In my opinion it shouldn't have been her Runaans build that should have gotten a nerf, Riot should have focused on her Traps and maybe nerfed the amount of traps she gets at Rank 5 of maybe the amount of damage that the Traps do, because if you think about it, her Traps do almost everything: - Engage - Disengage - Damage - Kite - Zone - Pressure Like her traps are insanely strong. It's just my opinion, because right now, even though her laning phase is still strong, I still think that shes just not strong enough to be called a top tier pick anymore since her team fighting is basically non existent right now. What's your opinions on it?
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