[Repost] Riot's new champions ...

I want to talk about the new champions and champion updates and what I do believe is wrong or at least I don't get the point. I noticed that Riot really tries to change the league of legends gameplay to something completely different and they're doing it with every single new champion or champion rework. How? Well almost every single new champion or rework has one of those abilities: It's either 1. Map travelling skill or 2. Undying / invulnerable skill Let's take a look at the latest 10 champions. {{champion:163}} - Map travelling skill {{champion:44}} - Invulnerable/ Undying skill {{champion:136}} - Map travelling skill {{champion:202}} - Exception {{champion:420}} - Exception {{champion:203}} - Invulnerable / Undying skill {{champion:223}} - Map travelling skill {{champion:245}} - Not really undying or invulnerable, but ult is quite similar. {{champion:432}} - Invulnerable skill {{champion:421}} - Map travelling skill EDIT 7/26/2016 {{champion:13}} - Map travel skill Kled - Map travel skill The list continues ... Not even mentioning the reworks. Not only Taric, but shen E rework - invulnerable, Poppy ult rework - still some sort of a map positioning. So what we have here is 8 out of 10 champions have one of those skills. I don't really get the point ... instead of making new, different and fun to play champions, Riot keeps giving us champions with the same skills over and over again and I don't understand why. I really hoped that this will end with the Taric rework, but as soon as I saw Taliah and her ultimate, I got really disappointed at Riot... travel skills are useful, but if you're gonna give every champion one, better make a new summoner spell, instead of wasting skill slots. The invulnerable/ undying skills are also good, but if every single champion has one of them it gets really annoying and completely destroys the point. P.S : I know some people will say the skills are different from each other, no they're not. I don't care if I map travel on a rock (Talliah), flying (Aurelion Sol) or under the ground (Rek Sai)... it's the same.
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