The Shen PBE Changes

Back in the days i played quite alot of Shen back when he was concidered OP before all the proplay nerfs gutted him. So Riot wants to buff Shen and what do they do: They increase his dmg. Shens problem never was his laning phase! He still is a great duelist in the early game who can beat alot of champions if played right. What Shen needs is some smaller buffs to his R or twilight zone that dont make him completly broken because all the R nerfs is what gutted Shen in the first place. Don't create more unneccessary dmg when all he needs is a little bit of utility or heck even buffing his shield is better than putting more unneccessary damage on his kit. Riot again shows that they have no Clue what their champs are missing.
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