How would you have done (as support) in a situation like this to carry? xd

The midlane and jungler were supposed to swap, but they didn't so they both stuck with eachothers champions. The game: - Won bot lane, got 1st turret, ADC is quite fed (Me {{champion:21}} ADC {{champion:51}} . Enemy {{champion:89}} {{champion:222}} - Midlane {{champion:107}} losing quite hard vs {{champion:41}}. GP used his ult to help other lanes very well. - Toplane won, (Our {{champion:27}} vs enemy {{champion:75}} ) - Jungler {{champion:76}} is quite useless and only died most of the time. (He said he didn't know how to play Nid) vs Enemy {{champion:121}} who got fed. At this point, I thought it would be best to focus getting mindlane tower first to open up the map. Enemy Kha is quite fed so pushing bot isn't safe. - Singed came mid to try helping out. But we can't get the turret since our ADC isn't with us. GP use barrels to clear. Leona is there so we can't dive. Nasus keeps farming top. - Enemy ADC decided to freeze/farm bot. - OUR ADC keeps pushing bot solo...she did not care when we asked her to help out. She DIES to Kha and Jinx at bot. And keeps doing this on repeat. - Since we can't get mid turret, Singed decided to go back top. We lose OUR mid turret meanwhile because Rengar dies. Cait is DEAD at bot. Neither me or Nid can defend it very well vs a fed GP and Leona, Kha coming to help them. - After getting our mid, the whole enemy team (except Jinx) rotating top, killing our Singed. Cait respawns and going bot again to farm. Meanwhile, Nasus has farmed up a bit. Rengar and Nid are just...not useful. Rengar keeps looking for fights, he isn't fed, he dies. Kha is VERY fed now and can 1 shot us at this point. And Cait died enough times bot to feed Jinx. Everyone in enemy team are catching up and they group together at mid. I warded up as I could. But we couldn't get a single objective because mid dying, jungler dying and ADC dying...and Kha 1 shotting everyone (excpet Singed) So I ended up dying a lot too. We just could not win because we are squishy, lack of CC and they are now stronger. (all of them) So we lost. Please do not tell me don't play MF support. Because I won the lane basically for my ADC. He got all kills, but refused to help the rest of the team. Push up, refusing to group when enemy has a fed assasin + GP has ult. Mid rambo, jungler too weak and can't play their champ... Enemy team rotate pretty well. I'm sure that if Cait help out, it would been very different. But she didn't and I can't control her. If I went to push bot with her instead of going mid, I think I'd die too when our mid falls. How to carry my team in this scenario? (Or should played differently?)
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