Does anyone approve of the changes in 5.4?

There's a few things I really really really do not like about 5.4. Enough that I consider abandoning summoners rift entirely and just play aram every now and then. And it things stay the way they are (and since I have less time now than I had when I was a student and might have to drop one of the games I used to play anyway) I might just stop bothering about patching at first and at some point free up the space that LoL takes up on my hard drive. Changes that I don't approve of in order of severity: The Veigar nerf. Especially the Q change and the E nerf. You might not have noticed that, but Veigar is somewhat squishy and although other champions are squishy too from Veigar's point of few (actually, WERE squishy too) Veigar relies entirely on his stun to survive encounters with enemies. Taking that away (and 0.75sec is huge!) in combination with a reliable hit that used to be Q turned into a skillshot makes me wonder why I would want to play this champion. There is no advantage to Q being a skillshot, at least not early game, because minions don't lose health that fast and hitting multiple targets at once actually makes farming harder (until you're able to oneshot minions with Q, but Veigar never really had to worry about lategame in my opinion, it's earlygame where he's weakest and that's where the nerf hit him worst). In addition to that you remove deathfire grasp. I'm okay with that, I really am, go and change items and we'll look for other builds. Especially remove items that are more or less MUST BUY to enable more diversity. But don't weaken a champion in 3 of his abilities and remove a core item at the same time. Weaken him in one ability, observe the change and then go the next step if it's still required. If Veigar was so overpowered I wonder why he got picked so rarely. That skillshot theme really bothers me, Veigar is not the only one afflicted by that curse. How about we do the same with auto-attacks, they all become skillshots and if the enemy flashes or moves sideways fast enough they miss. The second thing that really bothers me is the Zilean nerf. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think anyone thought that Zilean was OP. And if you thought you'd do him a favor with these changes (it really sounds that way in your introduction to his changes... also, what is it with you guys trying to hide nerfs or call them overall buffs? Kassadin's R range gets reduced by over 35% and you try to sell it as a buff because you lowered the costs? Did you ever play him?) well.. in my opinion you don't. Let's start with Q. A nice marker appears where the skillshot is thrown so the enemy can dodge it. Of course the stun is nice but it doesn't compensate for all the missed bombs and the lost damage in the process. Reducing the cost and the damage is in total a nerf, reducing the cooldown is more or less meaningless because it's the W cooldown that matters in the end anyway. Now that rewind doesn't affect R any more, how about you remove rewind and give him another, more useful ability? I don't see time warp as a buff, whatever you say. Enemies move further in 5.5sec now than they did before, if they're affected by a rank 5 E. And since a 99% slow is not a stun they're likely using an ability (like caitlyn's E) when slowed and continue running at full speed afterwards. And, since you reduced the range, it's harder to hit anyway. Also, why the particles that have to hit the enemy, I liked that the slow was applied instantly. That, in combination with the fact that the enemy moves further in 5.5sec if hit with the new ability compared to the old one definitely makes me prefer the old one. The cooldown reduction on the ultimate is nice but since W doesn't have an effect on it any more I guess that turns out the same as before. But now the buff only lasts 5 seconds instead of 7. In conclusion: To me (correct me if I'm wrong) every single ability is weaker than they were before. The exception might be a nice hit with a double bomb in a teamfight but chances are you don't get to hit the same champion twice unless he's already immobilized. The third and last thing that I don't like is nerfing junglers (reducing the freezing smite range, increasing costs to swap machete enchantments, reducing the warrior-enchantment-effect). I get the freezing smite nerf, I don't get why the other ones had to happen. tl;dr: For some reason your nerf philosophy is "nerf a champion that hardly anyone complains about, and nerf him hard from multiple directions at once and call it a buff" and I really don't like it. I would very much prefer it if you nerfed them a little, observed the change for a bit and then, if necessary, nerf some more. Because if you nerf and change 3 out of 4 (or 5 if you include the passive) abilities of a champion you more or less remove the original champion and replace him with something different. You might as well then refund everyone who bought him the points they spent so they can look for something they like and not be forced to have those champions in their ARAM rotation forever. I hope I made it clear why I do not approve of the changes mentioned. Of course they were champions that I played, at least occasionally, or I probably wouldn't have bothered complaining about it. I'm sorry about that, but I didn't want to leave the game without stating WHY. My suggested solution would be a rollback to 5.3 and maybe rethink the changes applied in the update. Stop nerfing niche champions that rarely get played so hard! Futschi PS: I'm not sure if this belongs in the suggestions board or in the champion and gameplay discussions board. Anyway, since I seem to be unable to find the actual boards and only get to see "what's hot" or "what's new" it doesn't really bother me. Selected champion and gameplay discussion.
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