Oh look, more failed reworks

Step 1. Release reworks to the PBE that were almost unanimously despised, with the consensus being "No we do not want this." The identities and playstyles of these champions have been drastically changed to the point where mains of said champions would be alienated if the reworks went through. Step 2. "They don't want these reworks? Of course they do! We know best! Let's massively over buff the champions so these reworks aren't complete failures." Step 3. Ship broken champs to live because apparently the PBE is not for testing and identification of unforeseen problems. Mordekaiser soloing baron? Let's not patch that. Step 4. Realise how bad you goofed again. Step 5. Nerf champions to oblivion to the point where they are in weaker spots than they previously were. Step 6. Release more high quality definitely-not-a-low-effort-cash-in Chroma packs. Love you Riot.
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