So Vayne is a healthy champion?

Simple and easy, she's NOT healthy at all. Holy shit. Shiv + IE + Q= 1000 dmg with Q basic attack (without silver stacks). I mean whose great idea was to actually buff Vayne now anyways. Before the buff she already was strong, but still she was in balance (barely). So what does Riot do? WELL their great designer group decided "hey, i have an idea!". Now before i start going to the point, if you main Vayne or are in deeply love with her. Stop reading right here. This may be shocking for you. So i'll start with laning. Laning against Vayne is not the problem in the early game, seriously. She may have stupid true damage with her Third basic attack (which i think, is the most broken true damage in the game. Ranged + true damage + scaling with enemy max health. How is that not retarded) but she still is an ADC. Squishy and easy to kill. Unless you have a great support. Like Alistar (Gotta love the new Alistar with the new keystone) The problem in Vayne is her late and mid game. The damage output is just absolutely terryfying. Adding her mobility + attack speed + invisibility + stun + bonus attack damage. Wow. Actually no. Is that even legal any more? Mother of god.. Vayne in team fights (If played well) can be a real pain in the ass. Jumping around invisible and spamming auto attack. As i said. Q basic = 1000 so yeah. Unless you have a shit load of armor. Even then Vayne still deals shit loads of damage with her W. That makes me think. There is no counter build for Vayne. Your only chance is to out damage her (somehow). If armor and health won't help, then only damage will. But there is one problem. Tanks cannot build full damage. Otherwise tanks lose their meaning and get stomped over by enemy team. But alas. This is only assuming 1 vs 1 situations of course. Vayne has no chance against whole team (Unless they are retards and you are 10/10 player with Vane). For example, one stun is enough (unless QSS or Michael's appear) That's why Braum is so strong against Vayne. One basic = almost 100% stun. Unless Vayne knows how to play and plays in the back line. Ok while i was doing this i played a game. Vayne just dealt 773 damage with one Q (no W stacks). She had static, zeal, vampiric, dorans and boots. Now wtf was that. Almost no bonus AD at all. Now that's stupid. I have to say this in the name of honesty. Vayne does need skill to outplay with. All though, this is only for 1 vs 2 or more. 1 vs 1 is a whole different situation. Press R Q, then auto attack and stun with E. After that you just spam Q and basic attack. Repeat if the enemy is not dead. Keep in mind that Vayne still is adc, so Kha, Rengar and champs like that destroy Vayne (Fuck Kha). Also blinds fuck Vayne over so yeah. Teemo mains scream happy screams. But the problem is, everyone plays fucking Vayne. I've seen 0 Normals today, without Vayne. I mean holy shit. If that doesn't yell how much she is loved and played and by that how strong she is, then what does? Well in all Vayne is still counterable, but strong as hell. So yeah. Also fuck the guy who decided to buff her. Welp, i'm done for now. Off i go~{{summoner:31}}
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