[Guide] Off-Meta Supports for Auto-Filler's

Hello Guys, today I want to introduce you some of the Off-Meta Supports for people who dislike the "regular" Support champs. You can support, but be useful and relevant! I tried it and it's fun! If you guys have other ideas or recommendations, feel free to elaborate so we can put it here together. I will update the list if another champion fits into it. Hopefully more people will find their fun in the support role or people don't need to be mad if they get auto filled. So we all have a better time! General information: {{item:2302}} Go for the coin with wards! The coin is your primary gold resource and you will gank other lanes. So make the most of it. You will need the mana regeneration and get nice stats like health and CDR. It's your primary support item which enables you to compete. Also the Mastery "Bandit" is a nice addition to that. All Champions I recommend are not "classical" support champions. They don't build usual support builds, but support with their kit. They're early strong to provide maximum support for your ADC and go into the mid game in their regular role. But keep in mind that you're the support of the team. So peel for your ADC and make sure you enable your team to handle the enemy. You CC and peel for your guys. You've less gold, so you're not as strong as usual. That is why you pick the coin and Bandit for maximum gold gain. Also Gold per 5 second runes are a possible option (testing). All this champions you usually play in Jungle or Top. So for people who have these as primary roles like me, then you don't need to adapt to much. It's also very fun to feel powerful as support and see your enemy hating you. "Shock and Awe" is the doctrine of these champs. --- Champions: {{champion:31}} I recommend to build Cho like a AP bruiser. His obvious strengths are his knockup and silence in the kit. Also his Autohit damage is good. Feel free to execute enemies in case your ADC can't finish them off. Core items: {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} Tactic: Start with his W and use the silence to counter engages. The time they can't use abilities is enough to make good trades in the favor for you. If the enemy comes to close then use your Q to knock them up or use it to prevent the escape. Use your R to get your health to the max at all times. Execute enemies to secure kills. Very good against: {{champion:51}} {{champion:15}} Keystone: Death Fire Touch --- {{champion:59}} I recommend to build Jarvan like the regular tank. He has strong base values and he can shred armor. What you want more? Also he provides strong engage which will get you at least flash out of it. Also he "buffs" your ADC with the armor reduction and the attack speed buff of his flag. Core items: {{item:3109}} {{item:3742}} Tactic: Poke with your Q and try to make plays with your flag + Q combo to give your ADC the maximum possible damage on a target. To prevent the escapes of enemies use your W shield to slow them or your R zone for a all in. Jarvan can also react very good to ganks. Very good against: {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} Keystone: Death Fire Touch or Thunder Lords --- {{champion:113}} I recommend to build Sejuani like a AP Bruiser. She provides two strong hard CC's and very good engage potential. You're able to lock down whole teams by yourself to provide maximum damage for your ADC. Core items: {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} Tactic: Your Q knock up is what makes you strong. You've kill potential on level one if you get the chance to land your Q. Make sure you always combo in the right way to provide maximal damage time for your ADC. Go in with Q, slam on the target with your W to provide cover and burst and prevent them from escaping with your E slow. If you hit 6 you're a monster when it comes to engage. Throw your Bola for a stun and follow up with your Q knock up. When the enemy lands prevent them from escaping with your E slow. Very good against: {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:1}} Keystone: Colossus --- {{champion:6}} I recommend to build him like a AD Bruiser. Urgot is a god. He has a very nice support kit. Damage reduction for the enemy? - check Armor shred? - check Hard CC? - check Safe poke? - check What do you want more? Core items: {{item:3025}} {{item:3071}} Tactic: Land your E to get your debuffs on your targets. This enables you to poke with your Q from a safe distance and makes sure the enemy will not win the trades. If you hit 6, your ultimate enables you to prevent your targets escaping. Shred your enemies. Let them taste the 1% champion elite (like everyone on the list!). Urgot is pretty straight forward. For maximum effect you pick also one of his three skins. All of them are epic. Very good against: Everything. Keystones: Death Fire Touch or Thunder Lords --- {{champion:83}} I recommend him like the typical tank with one damage item. Yorick is a very strong fighter. He is able to prevent engage and counter engage. Also he confuses his enemies and can split the damage of the enemy team and bot lane on his ghouls. You can't ignore them, but they give you time for your ADC to deal damage and prevent damage on you. If ignored, they also hit very hard. Never underestimates 3-4 ghouls on your focus target. Trust me, I carried myself to Gold with him on top lane! Also his ultimate makes your bot lane 3v2 and first blood tower is absolute possible. He also is a very strong depusher for lanes and can take objectives solo with his R. Even Baron or Elder Dragon. Core items: {{item:3078}} {{item:3109}} Tactic: In lane you make sure to get your Ghouls ready. Inform your ADC that you need the graves on lane for very hard trades. You can build Targon to legitimate yourself if your ADC doesn't want to "lose" the CS occasionally. Finishing off CS is pretty easy with his Q. Make sure you land your skill shots or you're useless in lane. Prepare your graves so you can call your ghouls. Engage with your W to lock a enemy in place and throw your E to slow and that your ghouls jump on them. Then go up and hit the enemy like a truck with your Q. This nearly deletes the enemy itself. Your ADC only needs to clean up. If you hit 6, then call your Maiden to delete the bot lane and take the bot tower as follow up. Very good against: {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} Keystones: Bond of Stone
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