Why kindred needs a change

OK so first off. WHAT is riot thinking when they make champions wich have almost no counters?. Do they want people to ban everything and still give us only 3 bans? It's just stupid. So now to the point. Kindred. This champion NEEDS a huge change. This may sound like a kid screaming that champions are op and stuff like that. But have you seen what kindred can do even if he's ALONE. So i'm gonna tell you WHY kindred has to be changed. 1. Laning against Kindred: Kindred is a marksman jungle and does not show up against you in lane usually but when she does, It's not gonna be fun for anyone. The fact that she has such a mobility range burst with only one ability dosen't make any sense at all. She has an passive on one of her abilities that heals her on lane when ever she feels like it, she almost has no mana costs at all and the damage output she can do is STUPID. With the new rage blade (basically they took a devourer away and put it in a normal item) She can kill you in matter of seconds with almost no counter plays. The fact that she is range just makes it worse than that already is. Can someone tell me HOW do you counter kindred with any melee champion. It's like riot thought "Hey let's make a champion who will make people buy even more broken champions to play against her". Kindred with LvL 6 is like having a fly running around your house and when you finally have a chance to splat the fly, it pops a "No kill zone" and escapes like nothing happened. 2. Trying to counter kindred: - counter build?: Well fun fact. there is no counter items against this guy. even if you go full tank she will kill you with her "deals damage based on enemy health". Other thing you may think is building a thornmail, but yet again there is one thing to it. Kindreds q DOSEN'T activate thornmails passive. WHY is that allowed? She basically dosen't even need basic attack because her q hits faster than a basic attack. - counter champions?: For now. i haven't found any counter champions against her yet. So i searched internet and found "counters" against her. These are: Lee sin, Diana, Vayne, Gragas, jax and swain. Vayne, Gragas and Lee sin are there only because they can knock kindred out of her ult zone. But what are you gonna do if she dosen't need one to kill your whole team? and even if she does, her ult can keep her alive for the one second she only needs to escape/ kill you. Jax, swain and Diana are counters because of some certain abilities, or so do they say. Diana is supposed to be a counter because of her gap closing ability and crowd control and movement stopping abilities. Really? What about Kindreds ult? you can go all in on kindred but as long as she has her ult she can jump around freely while dealing damage to you and taking the heal from her life steal and ult. Jax. I don't know why he even is there. Even though Jax has his gap closer ability and e that PROBABLY dodges Kindreds q (i'm not sure about that one), it really dosen't matter. kindred can have only 1-2 sec cooldown on her q wich means that even if you catch her once, she will jump away like a rabbit. Swain is actually countering kindred in some ways like when kindred pops her ult, swain does the same and while swain heals from kindred and her team mates while they can do nothing against swain because of kindreds ult. But Kindred mains will ban Swain for that exact reason. - Any way to counter kindred?: Pick swain or ban her. That's about it. 3. Team fights: In team fights kindreds role is to be a support-tank-adc kind of character. Her job is to kill everything she sees and save low health carries with her ult. If the enemy team tries to focus the carry, kindred will burst them. If they focus kindred, carry will burst them. Kindreds carry potential is way too high. Shes SUPER easy to play and deals tons of damage even to tanks because of damage based on health. Shes like Master Yi with no cooldowns, ranged, with tons of cc and dashing ability. Kindred is way too strong to team fight because anyone CAN'T focus her. they either get killed or kindred pops her ult whil other team mates beat other low enough to kill. 4. Kindreds abilities: - passive: her passive is that one ability wich gives Kindred her damage. Her passive allows her to gain damage based on enemy health just by killing jungle camps OR champions. Are you kidding me? She is normally played as jungler, so as long as she keeps camping lanes while marking enemy champions and killing them. She gets bonus damage. Jungle camp give same amount of damage as champions wich is 1.25% of her target's current health one just one stack. Adding the new jungle item (Bloodrazor) and new rage blade (more like devourer) she has so much damage. And this is just the beginning of this mess. - Q: This ability needs a HUUUUGE change. This ability is basically a dash with a three hit point while doing so. The damage on one cast is not too high (60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+ 20% AD), but when taking in the cooldown and mana cost in this ability, It's a whole new thing. Cooldown on this ability goes: 9 seconds. but while you use your w it goes like: 4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 / 2 s . And the mana cost is: 35 mana. WHY does she get reduced cooldown while using her w? It just makes her deal tons and tons of more damage because of her passive. Oh by the way, This ability RESETS auto attack timer, bringing more damage to this ability. And the fact that it's a dash. Means that she has a ability to: A) dodge skill shots B) jump over obstacles C) get away from the enemy if needed. - W: Besides making kindreds q an ability for a murderer. This ability also has some things that are NOT OK. When kindred uses this ability, she makes a zone like thing where she can jump around like a rabbit AND in the zone is a wolf who deals 50% of Kindred's bonus attack speed and deal physical damage, equal to a base amount plus 「 40% of Mark of the Mark of the Kindred's damage 」, with a bonus 50% damage against Monsters. WHAT IS THIS, this takes "pick to win" to a whole new level. Only with this ability she can control whole battlefield, adding her low cooldown triple shot q to that, that is just not fair. This ability needs change most of these all because of the damage output and mobility it gives kindred. All though this ability has a decent cooldown, the 40% cooldown reduction takes care of that. - E: This is the ability that makes kindreds burst and ganks so stupid. Upon activation kindred targets an enmy, slowing them by 70%. Besides that if she hits the champion wich has her e on 2 times, the third attack will deal 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+ 20% AD) (+ 5% of target's maximum health). Here we go again with the "based on max hp" thing. adding to that 5% the 3% that you get from bloodrazor and the bonus damage based on health from her passive, it just DESTROYS everything. And because the slow is so goddamn high. You cannot escape it. And because of riot GENIUS decision about nerfing quick silver slash and mercurial scimitar. You cant remove it if you are ad champion wich is totally broken. Only thing against this ability is to hope taht she targets someone else. Man i just love broken "point ´n click" abilities. - R: Alone this ability is NOT so op. only thing it does is create an area where nothing can die and after the zone goes away it heals everyone in it even enemies and jungle camps. This ability is mostly used as a turret dive ability and that one ability wich keeps kindred alive while she bursts you down. It's also used for trolling your team mates. This ability is actually only hard thing in Kindred at the moment. All though only hard thing in this ability is the timing and when to use it and where. This ability is the one that makes kindred go 3 vs 1 without breaking a sweat. If she goes low enough she just pops this ability up and no one can do anything to her. So this my opinion why Kindred needs a change. if you have ANYTHING that i missed please tell me. But if you want to criticize, please, Show me that you have a good reason to do so. If you just go and yell "YOU SUCK" or "KINDRED IS BALANCED STFU NOOB" you're not gonna prove anything. Again i don't want her to get absolutely destroyed, only changed or nerfed. Well i'm done for now. Off i go~{{summoner:31}}
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