Changes in league since season 5 postive vs negative

* _ Negative changes:_ 1. removing death fire grasp + diversity with it 2. removing crystalline flask 3. removing sword of the occult 4. removing devourer 5. buffing ardent censor in patch 7.19 and ruinning the positive changes in preseason, mid season 7 solo q was just a living hell worst experience ever for me at least 6. reworking urgot while his kit was very unique and fun to play, riot just didn't understand that he was not played too much because he was very weak just buff him why would you remove him from the game? 7. nerfing mejai's (it's a minor change but still) 8. reworking aatrox and turning an attack speed lifesteal champion into a cc burst champion.I love the kit of the new aatrox but why removing a champ from the game? just make a new champ and call him QQQtrox the brother of aatrox 9. adding stopwatch to the game 10.reworking abyssal scepter 11. reworking taric and making him more annoying to play against with this aoe imunity *_ Positive changes_ 1. new champions with very nice kits:{{champion:164}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:555}} and {{champion:142}} (kappa) 2. good reworks:{{champion:55}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:39}} (even if they overnerfed irelia to the ground for some season) 3. plants
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