I came up with the dumbest idea, Jungle Kog'Maw

I came up with this idea for a friend who thought that Kog'Maw jungle was a great idea, he destroyed the enemy team so I thought I should share my genius with you. This build has a 100% win rate. 2 games won out of 2 games. So let's go JUNGLE KOG'MAW Core items:- {{item:3930}} - Don't even kid yourself, there are no other options. {{item:3091}} - Before you kill me... Wit's end, devourer and W work amazingly as a combo that does a bunch of damage. W does magic damage, devourer does magic damage, wit's end does magic damage, Q burns magic resist, wit's end burns magic resist. 2 items and 2 abilities that will allow you to burn through enemy champions at a scary rate. Magic damage, magic resist burning, attack speed. It has 3 stats you want. {{item:3020}} - Wit's end and devourer do magic damage, w does magic damage. Need I say more? Situational/Additional, make up your own mind on this stuff. Just remember, this build is more about on hit effects than anything else. {{item:3153}} - Attack speed and more % health damage, lifesteal for jungle sustain and a nice slow to catch people if you suck. {{item:3036}} - More % hp damage and penetration. Maybe not too great since you mainly do magic damage. {{item:3085}} - Apply on hit effects to 3 people and shoot faster. {{item:3026}} - So you do not get rekt in TF as hard. {{item:3124}} - Was thinking gunblade, then I remembered that Guinsoo's is a gunblade with attack speed. {{item:3072}} - Damage is nice, everyone likes damage.
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